Here's Just a Few of our Girls...

Wiegand's Phoenix- GU

This is Phoenix, the pride of Painted Oaks Rabbitry. I love all of my rabbits but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be this little doe hands down. She has a beautiful jet black coat, and near perfect type. She has 6 Best of Breed wins and 2 Best opposites, a Best In Show and a Best Opposite In Show. She is also a 3 time Best in Show Winner at Lincoln County Fair. She won 11 GC legs before we retired her.

Wiegand's All Jazzed Up- P8

Jazzy is jet black with a slick excellent coat. She won Best Opposite Sex at the Missouri Rabbit Breeder's State Convention and Best In Show at the Lincoln County Fair 2012 and is now living the retired life here at the rabbitry.

Wiegand's Shasta- SH

Our only blue doe at the moment. Retired to our breeding group with 3 GC legs. Beautiful shiny coat. Very balanced with a nice, wide hindquarter- something we've been focusing on recently. Here she is pictured with GC Sypnieski's Q58.

Wiegand's Raven- RV Grand Champion

Great short bodied pretty little doe. She currently has 5 GC legs and is still showing strong. Has been holding onto a beautiful show coat. 

Wiegand's Drina- DR


This girl won 2 GC legs during her short show career before becoming one of our main herd does. This lady has great depth and hindquarters and has already produced some beautiful offspring.

Wiegand's Lilac Magic- PL

 This doe came as a suprise... I had just recently read an article about Lilacs working on recognition in the Polish standard and checked outside to find that one of my does just had one in a litter. I was going to get rid of her just because of her color but she ended up developing excellent type and I became quite fond of her color. It's a shame that Lilacs aren't accepted because this little doe would be on the show table for sure.

Wiegand's Haven- HV

This little lady has beautiful depth with a great coat. She has 2 GC legs and is currently a part of our breeding herd. We are very excited about her future offspring. Pictured in front of her father, GC Wiegand's Jet.